Saturday, August 30, 2014

PAHO describes the primary health service in Ecuador as a "role model"

Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan-American Health Organization at a work visit
Carissa Etienne at a work visit
Ecuador news magazine - Lasso, Aug 30 - The director of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa Etienne, described the health service in Ecuador as a role model in the community, after having visited on Saturday the installations of the Type C Health Facilities in Lasso, located at the province of Cotopaxi, in the Andean Center.

"The investment of this young government in health is really impressive. It has become a role model for the community", stated Etienne during a press conference.

The Type C Health Facility in Lasso, which was inaugurated on February 12, offers all basic medical services, cutting-edge technology and trained personnel.

Rafael Correa inaugurates the school year for the Sierra in Ecuador

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa back at school
Correa back at school
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Aug 30 - Next Monday, Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, will inaugurate the school year in the Sierra regime, at R├ęplica Montufar Millenium School, located at Ciudad Bicentenerio (Pomasqui) Parrish.

The president will deliver an educational community in the north of the capital. An institution with cutting edge infrastructure, furniture, equipment and internet, which will house 2280 students in morning and evening sessions.

Social organizations undertake actions regarding bullfighting in Quito

constitutional court of Ecuador
constitutional court
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Aug 29  – On Friday, social organizations presented at the Constitutional Court a letter requesting an injunction to prevent bullfights in Quito, as well as the creation of the Municipality Bullfighting Council; based on the 2011 referendum in which people asked in the polls the removal of shows that are intended to kill an animal.

The position of Mayor Mauricio Rodas on this topic has not been very clear. During the election campaign -in January- he supported the decision of Quito in the query, but in another interview he said he would call for a consultation to "really define what the situation of bullfighting is."

Exhibition of renowned Ecuadorian artists is presented in Malaysia

exhibition in Malaysia by Ecuadorian artistsEcuador news magazine - As part of the celebration of the National Day of Ecuador, on August 28 at the city of Malacca, the inauguration of the painting exhibition “Ecuadorian Art in the Historic City of Malacca” took place.

The exhibition will remain open until 27 September 2014.The exhibit has 52 works of three renowned Ecuadorian artists: Jorge Porras, Luis Medina and Maria Paula Arias.

The event was inaugurated by the Governor of Malacca, Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil malasiabin Yaakob, and was attended by the Mayor of the city and senior officials of the State Government of Malacca, as well as the Ministry of Tourism from Malaysia. 

Ecuadorian government demands a better service in public hospitals

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa at a working visit to Guayaquil
Rafael Correa in Guayaquil
Ecuador news magazine - Guayaquil, Aug 30 - Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa emphasized that he will not allow population is mistreated by public services. 

He also stated that he had received complaints from patients of Eugenio Espejo Hospital, although in 2011, he had given the order of that relatives must be assigned a place to stay while they wait for emergency patients.

The order was carried out in that year; however, when he made a surprise visit this week, along with the Health Minister Carina Vance, he found that this waiting room no longer existed.

Ecuador monitors schools to avoid excessive price increments

school in Ecuador
school in Ecuador
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Aug 30 -The pension increase on tuitions for the coming school year in the Sierra and Amazonian cycles, starting next Monday, may not exceed what has been authorized by the Ecuadorian government, as it was reported by Education Minister Augusto.

The increase will depend on the budget presented by Fiscomisional or private educational institutions, which depend on expenditure and investment made in education matters.

The Ministry clarifies that percentages can vary in respect to three ranges: Range 3, up to 10% increase; Range 2, up to 8%; or Range 1, up to 5%.