Ecuador's President,Rafael Correa demands Obama “to leave us alone”

Rafael Correa at the UN meeting
Rafael Correa at the UN conference
Ecuador news magazine - Geneva, Oct 24 – This Friday, Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, referred about a proposal of North American President, Barack Obama, to create innovation centers in Latin America and Africa, in order to suposedly strengthen civil society. 

However, it is not but "more interventionism", so he demanded him "to leave us alone".

"Latin-American people perfectly understand what this means: more interventionism. We do not need so much help. 

He can go train leaders and strengthen civil society in his own country, and leave us alone", the president mentioned during his intervention in the Conference for Development of the United Nations.

World energy council highlights Ecuador´s leadership in energy policies

Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Oct. 24 -The World Energy Council, a body that promotes the sustainable supply and use of energy for the benefit of the people, praised the Ecuadorian government energy policy that has allowed 97% of the population to access electricity, making the Andean country a leader in the energy sector in Latin America.

During the World Energy Leaders Summit convened in Cartagena (Colombia) with about 300 world leaders, the council president, Marie-Jose Nadeau, highlighted the progress of Ecuador has made in energy in recent years.

"The job of the Ecuadorian government has done in power is commendable. 

Ecuador approaches international scientific elite

Correa visiting CERN
Correa visiting CERN
Ecuador news magazine - Geneva, Switzerland Oct. 24 – Ecuador is interested in achieving cooperation with one of the most important and oldest centers for scientific research in the world: the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, visited the CERN facilities this Friday. Founded in 1954 by 12 European countries, although it currently has 21 member states.

"Hopefully we can strengthen the bonds of cooperation between CERN and our universities, our Yachay (City of Knowledge), Senescyt (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation), Correa said after a tour of the CERN facility that in 2013 won the Nobel in Physics for the discovery of the Higgs bosson (popularly known as the God particle).

Interest from Qatar’s business people in investing in Quito’s historic center

Quito historic center
Quito historic center
Ecuador news magazine - Doha (Qatar).- The balance of President Rafael Correa’s visit to Qatar is positive. 

The business people from that nation showed their interest in investing in Ecuador; a cooperation to support Yachay’s future as technology research center was also consolidated.

The Ecuadorian President, before traveling to Switzerland – his other stop during this international tour – said that business people from Qatar are interested in investing in several projects, such as Quito’s Historic Center, the Bicentennial Park and the mining industry.

Social achievements in Ecuador are due to political stability,stated Correa in the UN

Correa at the UN
Correa in the UN
Ecuador news magazine - Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, presented a thorough overview of the social achievements of his government in the last seven years of his project: Citizen Revolution and attributed this success to political stability.

The president gave a lecture: "Development as a political process" under the Prebisch Lecture, established 15 years ago, in honor of the first Secretary-General of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).

Correa, a former professor of economics, said development is basically a political problem with the dilemma of who actually rules, elites or society, and said that Ecuador has regained political power for the benefit of its citizens.

Detention order is pronounced to those involved in assault of armored vehicle

crime scene
crime scene
Ecuador news magazine - Tulcán, Ecuador, Oct 24- After the assault to an armored vehicle in which one security guard died, and other two ended up injured, near from Lago Agrio (Amazonian north), a preventive detention order was pronounced for two of the detainees, who could be sentenced to 22-26 years of prison.

"When an aggravated robbery takes place, pursuant to Article 189 of the Comprehensive Organic Code of Criminal Procedure (COIP), when the audience is able to prove that the accused, within the criminal act, caused the death of a citizen, the penalty they could receive is between 22 and 26 years", said the provincial fiscal of Sucumbios, Feliciano Azuero.

The assault took place last Wednesday at noon, around kilometer 100 of Quito-Lago Agrio road, in the area of Reventador volcano, in Lumbaqui.