Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baltasar Garzón "Assange has no intention of leaving Ecuadorian Embassy"

Julian Assange
Julian Assange
Ecuador news magazine - Guatemala, Aug. 19 (Andes).- Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has no intention of leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he was granted asylum two years ago, announced Baltasar Garzón from Guatemala. 

"There is concern of the defense because procrastinating is more damaging," Garzon told reporters, referring to the refusal of Sweden to question the Australian in their own embassy. 

Garzón, who leads the legal defense of Assange, matches a similar statement made by Jennifer Robinson, attorney for the hacker. 

Latin America already talking about the "Correa Model"

Ernesto Samper
Ernesto Samper
Ecuador news magazine - Guatemala, Aug.18 (Andes) – Former Colombian president, Ernesto Samper, who will also be the new Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), praised the Ecuadorian development model that includes economic growth and reduction of poverty as well as the struggle against inequality, and emphasized that the results are widely known in Latin America.

Samper added that the "Correa Model" incorporates at least two aspects, the struggle against poverty and inequality, and the one of demonstrating that economic growth is possible in this search for equality. 

These declarations were made by Samper in Guatemala were he will also be participating in the Esquipulas Forum. 

Ecuador builds pharmaceutical plant that will foster international market

Yachay, Imbabura, where the pharmaceutical plant is going to be built.
Yachay, Imbabura
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Aug 19 (Andes).- The Minister of Health of Ecuador, Carina Vance, confirmed this Tuesday the project of building a pharmaceutical plant that will stand in Yachay, and in its first phase, it will allow savings of $48 million annually, for the Public Integral Network Health.

The building is part of "Ciudad del Conocimiento", a center dedicated to scientific research and experimental technology that is currently operating in Urcuquí (Imbabura). 

It aims to collaborate with the change of the productive matrix in the Andean country, promoting the manufacture of medicinal drugs in order to reduce their imports.

Ecuador’s economic model is discussed in Guatemala at Esquipulas forum

president Correa arrives in Guatemala
Rafael Correa
Ecuador news magazine - The President Rafael Correa arrived in Guatemala City at 24h00 on Tuesday 19 August, 2014, where he will participate as keynote speaker, the Esquipulas Regional Forum, which is an initiative of the Foundation of the same name. 

The President was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño, and other authorities.

The 5th edition of Esquipulas Forum is titled “Towards a New Model of Economic and Social Development for the Region”, in which the relationship between capital and the human being is mainly analyzed. 

Ecuador ratifies the protection of Julian Assange’s rights

Ricardo Patiño
Ricardo Patiño 
Ecuador news magazine - London (England).- Ricardo Patiño, Minister of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility, along with Australian journalist Julian Assange, offered a press conference at the Ecuadorian diplomatic headquarters in London. 

There he explained the current, physical and legal situation of the communications professional, who has remained the past two years confined since Ecuador granted him political asylum.

Chancellor Patiño recapped that the decision of the Ecuadorian Government to grant Assange political asylum is based in an investigation in which it was established that the Australian national was a victim of political persecution, due to his activities as a journalist.

Ecuadorian president arrives to Guatemala to present his development view

President Correa arrives in Guatemala
President Correa arrives in Guatemala
Ecuador news magazine - Guatemala City, Aug 19 (Andes).- President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, arrived in Guatemala City on Tuesday to participate in the fifth edition of Esquipulas Forum, in which he will provide the keynote speech "Human being above profits: a different development view".

"It's always a pleasure to visit a brother and beloved country as it is Guatemala", Correa expressed upon his arrival at the Central American country. He was welcomed by local authorities and lots of Ecuadorian and Guatemalan journalists.

"30 years ago, these dialogues gave peace to Central America. In the XXI century, not only people got absence of violence, but presence of justice, equality and dignity and for that,we have a long way to go. We came here to build true peace", he added.