Ecuadorian political parties unite to defend the revolution

the meeting where the movement was founded
the meeting
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 18 - The founding movement "Unidos" ended with the signing of a declaration of full support to the revolutionary process, promoted by President Rafael Correa in Ecuador. 

The movement brings together 15 organizations and political movements of the left and center.

In the event held Thursday night in Quito and regarded as 'historic', President Correa stressed that the transformation process being conducted affects the "exclusionary structures that marginalized majorities" and alerted the public about the restructuring of right-wing sectors seeking to take power.

"Lonesome George" will be exhibited in the national history museum in New York

lonesome George
lonesome George
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sept. 18 - "Lonesome George", the iconic giant turtle of the Galápagos Islands, that until his death in 2012, was the only surviving species, will be exhibited starting Thursday at the National History Museum in New York. 

A delegation presided by the Minister of Environment was in New York for his presentation.

"#George is an opportunity to keep working in the conservation of species," she emphasized.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and the Galápagos National Park were in the United States to present the exhibit "Lonesome George" which will be open to the public until January 4th 2015. Afterwards, the dissected body of George will return to Ecuador. 

UN committee will evaluate the rights of persons with disabilities in Ecuador

former vice president Lenin Moreno
former vice president Lenin Moreno
Ecuador news magazine - Geneve, Sep 19 - On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23, the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), will review the report of Ecuador in sessions that will be broadcast live over the Internet.

Ecuador is one of the 150 States, belonging to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, for which it must submit periodic reports to the Committee of 18 independent international experts.

Ecuador is among the most democratic countries worldwide

president of Ecuador,Rafael Correa
rafael to the ballot box
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 18 - A report by the British charity World Values Survey, WVS, concluded that Ecuador is one of the most democratically governed countries in the world, according to the NGO.

According to the report, experts from non-governmental organization based in Scotland conducted a study in which between 50% and 59.9% of respondents believed that the government of President Rafael Correa is one of the most democratic in the world .

Below this level, there are countries like the United States, France and the UK, according to the research made by the specialists team.

Ecuador and Cuba to build bioproducts factory in Quevedo

The president of the Cuban group Labiofam, Jose Fraga
Jose Fraga
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 19 - The governments of Ecuador and Cuba are building a factory of 'bioproducts' in Quevedo (Ecuadorian coast), which by mid-2016, will begin the production of pesticides, insecticides and other substances with organic material, reported Jose Fraga, president of the Cuban business group Labiofam.

The goal is to "find substitutes of insecticides and chemical fertilizers, trying to introduce cleaner and organic productions in order to improve the quality of food for the population and for the foreign market yields," announced, Fraga, who is visiting the country since Sunday.

Ecuador rejects statement made by the USA

Official Statement
Official Statement
Ecuador news magazine - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador rejects the assertions found in the document entitled “Presidential Determination on Major Countries of Transit or Illicit Drug Producers for the Year 2015″ issued by the President of the United States of America, on the September 15, 2014.

Ecuador believes that issues related to the World Drug Problem must be addressed in a multilateral framework, in accordance with international law and respecting the sovereignty of the States.