Thursday, July 24, 2014

Police found fugitive Carlos Figueroa, in Quito

Ecuador police in action
Ecuador police in action
Ecuador news magazine - Quito (Pichincha).- According to information published by the Ministry of the Interior in their Twitter account (@MinInteriorEc), today Carlos Figueroa, political leader, was arrested today.

“Urgent: @PoliciaEcuador arrested Carlos Figueroa, sentenced to a 6-month prison term for the crime of injuries. The arrest took place in the northern side of #Quito”

Figueroa was sentenced to six months in jail for the crime of injuries. 

Along with him, former Pachakutik Assemblyman Cléver Jiménez and his advisor Fernando Villavicencio were sentenced to an 18-month term in jail.

300000 families will receive their property titles

ecuadors vice president Jorge Glas visiting the Andes region
Jorge Glas visiting the Andes region
Ecuador news magazine - Tixán (Chimborazo). – Vice President Jorge Glas rated as “titanic” the process to legalize and deliver property titles of lands for thousands of families in Ecuador. 

He did so at a massive event to hand over public deeds of agricultural lands; this event was attended by nearly 1,500 farmers of the indigenous communities of the Alausí canton.

“More than 300,000 families have to obtain their property titles to accredit them as legitimate owners in perpetuity of the land they have been planting, the land they have been sowing, probably the land their parents and grandparents worked, for which they have waited so long to have legalized”, said the Vice President.

Cocoa and chocolate show in Guayaquil

Ecuador news magazine - Guayaquil (Guayas). – Guayaquil is the headquarters of the International Cocoa and Chocolate Showroom, held at the MAAC Museum of Guayaquil from July 22 to the 27th.

This event seeks to give new value to domestic fine aroma cocoa and its industrialization to market its derivative products.

Wilson Montoya, Showroom director, said that there will be several conferences on the history, evolution, production, market and medicinal and cosmetic use of cocoa.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Assembly will vote for the approval of the financial system regulation

national assembly
national assembly
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Jul 22 (Andes) –The Ecuadorian Legislative Assembly initiated the debate about the Monetary and Financial Code's project, which will finally be voted on Thursday, as it was confirmed by Whetoven Chica, assembly member. 

"The president of the Economic System Commission, Oswaldo Larriva, will take into account the remarks and comments that arise from the second debate, and the votes will take place on Thursday", reported Chica.

During this Tuesday's conference, the assembly member Paola Pabón, supported the Regulation Board, as well as its lining-up with State's representatives, according to the Constitution. 

More than 200 students will become bachelors in intercultural bilingual education

students at MIT
Ecuador news magazine - Cuenca, Jul 22 (Andes).- This Wednesday, more than 200 students of indigenous nationalities in Cuenca will graduate with a Bachelor degree in Intercultural Bilingual Education and will become part of the Ecuadorian public education system. 

The Ministry of Education, through the Department of Intercultural Bilingual Education, as well as cooperation entities, promotes teacher training of teachers to indigenous nationalities of the coastal, andean and amazon regions. 

Students who benefit belong to the following nationalities and peoples: Shuar, Kichwa, Achuar, Chachi, Huaorani, Cofan, Awa, Sápara, Shiwiar, Siona and Sequoia. 

Ecuador condemns the slaughter against Palestinians

violence at Gaza
violence at Gaza
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Jul 23 (Andes).- Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, rejected the “massacre” committed by Israel against palestinians in the Gaza Strip and urged the Security Council of the United Nations to act effectively and stop this atrocity.

Adding that "we are not talking about a war between two similar or parallel forces, this a real slaughter against the population it is essential that it ends, and that the United Nations fulfills their role.

“We firmly reject this aggression towards civilians in the Gaza Strip" he said during an interview with public television of Ecuador.