Correa : “Only united will we be able to face the conservative restoration”

Correa at ELAP2014
Correa at ELAP2014
Ecuador news magazine - Quito - The leaders of approximately 35 political organizations of more than 20 nations attended the keynote speech offered by President Rafael Correa. In it he addressed the need to consolidate the progressive union to be able to face the conservative restoration which is being prepared not only in Ecuador, but in the region.

The National Theater of the House of Culture was the site for the speech which took place at the inauguration of the event ELAP 2014 (Latin American Progressive Meeting), which had more than 100 special guests among former presidents, leaders and representatives of left-wing political parties and movements of Latin America and Europe.

Ecuadorian minister of defense dismisses rumors in Armed Forces

Fernando Cordero,new minister of defense of Ecuador
Fernando Cordero
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 29 - Defense Minister of Ecuador, Fernando Cordero, discarded on Monday the intention of disappearing the Social Security Institute (ISSFA), an issue that has been spread through misinformative leaflets, according to the government, seeking to create instability in the Armed Forces.

During a military ceremony in Quito, Cordero said that "mistrust, suspicion and lies of those nefarious sectors, seeking to provoke resistance and destabilization, will have to be overcome (...) we are here to tell you that the ISSFA will not disappear because their own competences will be part of a universal and inclusive Social Security."

Soccer : Ecuador to play against USA and El Salvador

Ecuador news magazine - Guayaquil, Sep 29 - The current coach of the Ecuadorian national team, Sixto Vizuete, announced Monday the list of 23 players summoned for friendly games against United States and El Salvador on 10 and 14 October, respectively.

New names on this list are Cristian Penilla from Barcelona, Johnny Uchuari of Liga de Loja and Hamilton Piedra, goalkeeper of Deportivo Cuenca. 

Although the previous month Vizuete had confirmed that Antonio Valencia and Jefferson Montero were going to be in this line up, both players were not called, because the current coach of the 'Tricolor' said that they are "proven players "and for now, he rather make way for new faces. 

Pablo Iglesias: “Ecuador is an example for Europe, we are here to learn”

Pablo Iglesias
Pablo Iglesias
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 29 - Ecuador has demonstrated its capacity regarding sovereign action and it is setting an example for people around the world on how to put the interests of the majority over those of any transnational, commented to Andes the Spanish Pablo Iglesias, who is in the country to participate in the Latin American Progressive Meeting (ELAP).

The event was inaugurated this Monday by President Rafael Correa and other leftist leaders from several countries around the world.

"I think that Ecuador has shown its sovereign capability during the last few years. Chevron's case shows that national interest have to be over any transnational company's interests", said the Deputy of the left-wing party 'Podemos', who arose after protests of the 'Indignados' Spanish movement.

Ecuadorians have the most trust in family

priests in Ecuador
70% have faith in religion
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 29 - The administration of President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has maintained at 61% acceptance, according to a study published by the company Cedatos in August 2014.

According to figures, the credibility of the word the president has a 50% acceptance, and approval the same percentage.

The study reveals that the institution in which most Ecuadorians believe in is family reaching 95%, the (Armed Forces) 78% and 71% youth. Institutions such as universities and the church have a 70% confidence rate and media 55%.

Rafael Correa : the revolution is under siege

Correa supporters
Correa supporters
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Sep 28 - Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, reported on Sunday that there are forces that oppose the revolution and have had several conspiracy attempts, even in the barracks of the South American country.

"They try to build fronts in the local government, that's what the opposition forces want. We have had permanent conspiracy attempts. Even lampoons full of lies have got into the barracks. 

There are groups that, if they could, they would shoot us to death", the president said during an interview in the Ecuadorian public television.