Ecuador's constitutional court: president can again be reelected

Constitutional Court
Constitutional Court
Ecuador news magazine - Guayaquil, Oct 31 - Ecuadorian Constitutional Court ruled the constitutionality of a package of reforms to the Magna Carta, through the amendment process proposed by Alianza País' official bloc, which among its main points includes the indefinite reelection of the dignitaries of popular election.

The resolution was achieved after two days of legal analysis by the members of the constitutional highest organism, which held a meeting in a hotel in this port city.

The only change that should be processed in a Constituent Assembly, and not in a Legislative Body, is the one regarding protective action (article 88).

Dogs march in protest to Ecuador's national assembly

Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Oct 30 - Animals found people that speak for them, that understand their suffering, that defend them from mistreatment and that protect their rights. 

Hundreds of activists gathered this Thursday to present the Organic Law of Animal Wellbeing (LOBA) to the National Assembly of Ecuador.

Dozens of dogs, the protagonists of this popular request, also participated in the pacific walk that departed from El Ejido Park and continued until the installations of the Ecuadorian legislative. 

Minister of Trade will visit Japan to strengthen commercial relations

Francisco Rivadeneira
Francisco Rivadeneira
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Oct. 31 -Francisco Rivadeneira, Minister of Foreign Trade of Ecuador, will visit Japan to strengthen trade relations between the two countries, from November 4 to 7.

A press release from the portfolio of the Ecuadorian State also indicated that plans to strengthen bilateral ties with major public and private institutions in the productive sector of the Asian nation.

In this scenario, the Minister Rivadeneira will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

This Friday Ecuador commemorates the day of the national coat of arms

Coat of Arms
coat of arms
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Oct 31 - Ecuador commemorates the Day of the National Coat of Arms, next to the flag and the anthem, with diverse civic activities.

With this respect, at 8h00, at Defense Museum "Casa de Sucre", the historic research that has been made about the emblem will be read. 

The event will be attended by 170 students from San Pedro Pascual, San Fernando, La Providencia, and Sagrados Corazones High Schools.

Ecuador and Peru join to cope with climate change in the Amazon

presidents of Peru and Ecuador
presidents of Peru and Ecuador
Ecuador news magazine - Arenillas, Oct 31 - Peruvian President Ollanta Humala announced Peru and Ecuador will get together to chart a course of action against climate change in the Amazon rainforest and its connection with the El Niño meteorological phenomenon on the sideline of COP20, taking place in Lima next month.

At the Binational Cabinet meeting held in Ecuador, Mr. Humala said he agreed with his Ecuadorian counterpart that Amazon rainforest countries like Ecuador and Peru must make their voices heard at COP20 in order to protect it from climate change.

Assistant Secretary of USA, Roberta Jacobson, will visit Ecuador from November 2-5

Roberta Jacobson
Roberta Jacobson
Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Oct 31 -The Assistant State Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States, Roberta Jacobson, will travel to Quito, Ecuador, from November 2 to 5 in order to reinforce bilateral cooperation in topics of common interest, including education, commerce, security, cultural heritage and clean energy.

This was informed by the American Embassy through a statement.

The Assistant Secretary will meet with high officials of the Ecuadorian government, with representatives of the political, economic and media sectors, as well as with commercial and civil society leaders to analyze future collaborations and commitments, informed the diplomatic legation.