Ecuador's cocoa exports experience significant increase

cocoaEcuador news magazine - Quito, August 20 (Andes).- The current value for cocoa is of 2.500 USD per metric ton, similar to the average price for the first semester of 2009. 

Prices are finally returning to standard rates after two years of unprecedented high prices. 

However, in the past period unlike this year, the export volume increased from 58 – 81 tons.

The decrease on international prices for cocoa bean finds the county on its finest moment of production and a significant increase in exports, partially due to its position as the best flavor cocoa on the planet. 

Ecuador is the world leader in exportation for this cocoa variety, used for high standard chocolate production.

For that same reason, by the end of June, Guayaquil hosted the 85th International Cocoa Organization (Icco) which groups the 130 delegates in charge of the 80% of the world cocoa production. 

Ecuador delivers 75% of its production to the group, conformed by consumers such us the European Union, Switzerland, and Russia and producers like Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, Trinidad y Tobago, Brazil and Indonesia 

Cocoa currently stands on the fifth place on the list for non-oil exports, behind banana, shrimp, tuna and flowers. Its international sales contributed with the 4.4% of the for this year´s income with 208.6 million so far. 

During the first semester of 2011, cocoa exports summed up to 246.9 million dollars but the sales volume was inferior than this year’s, as it recoded 70 tons at a unit price of 3.500 dollars. On this year’s first semester, cocoa made the 5.4% of the non-oil sales. 

Something similar record was found on the first semester of 2010, collecting 222.8 million dollars from only 71 tons; the reason was the high unitary costs by the time, 3.100 dollars per ton.